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US Plug AC Adapter 15V 5A 75W for Toshiba Laptop, Output Tips: 6.3x3.0mm

US Plug AC Adapter 15V 5A 75W for Toshiba Laptop, Output Tips: 6.3x3.0mm

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High quality, Brand new, exactly AC power charger adapter for your laptop.

1) Input: AC100 - 240V 50-60Hz

2) Output: 15V 5A

3) Output power: 75W

4) Output Tips: 6.3x3.0mm

5) Compatible Laptop Models: Toshiba Libretto L5 Series, Libretto L5/080TNLN, Libretto U100 Series, Libretto U100, Libretto U100-108, Libretto U105 Series, Libretto U105Portege 1410 Series, Portege1410-S173, Portege410-S174, Portege1415-S173, Portege1415-S174, Portege1800 Series, Portege1800, Portege1800-S202, Portege1800-S204, Portege1800-S254, Portege1805, Portege1805-S204, Portege1805-S254, Portege1805-S274, Portege200 Series, Portege210CDT, Portege2000 Series, Portege2000, Portege2010, Portege2100 Series, Portege2100CDS, Portege2100CDT, Portege2100CDX, Portege2105CDS, Portege2115CDS, Portege2140XCDS, Portege2180CDT, Portege2200 Series, Portege2210CDT, Portege2210XCDS, Portege2250CDT, Portege2250XCDS, Portege2400 Series, Portege2410, Portege2410-S203, Portege2410-S204, Portege2410-S205, Portege2410-S206, Portege2500 Series, Portege2500CDT, Portege2505CDT, Portege2515CDS, Portege2515CDS/4, Portege2515CTS, Portege2520CDT, Portege2540CDT, Portege2545CDT, Portege2600 Series, Portege2600, Portege2610DVD, Portege2615DVD, Portege2700 Series, Portege2715DVD, Portege2800 Series, Portege2800, Portege2800-S201, Portege2800-S202, Portege2805, Portege2805-S201, Portege2805-S202, Portege2805-S301, Portege2805-S302, Portege2805-S401, Portege2805-S402, Portege2805-S503, Portege2900 Series, Portege2900, Portege300 Series, Portege300CT, Portege3500 Series, Portege3500, Portege3505, Portege4000 Series, Portege4000, Portege4005, Portege4010, Portege4300 Series, Portege4320ZDVD, Portege4340ZDVD, Portege4360ZDVD, Portege4600 Series, Portege4600, Portege5000 Series, Portege5000, Portege5005-S504, Portege5100 Series
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