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Waveshare ZED-F9P GPS-RTK HAT Centimeter Level Accuracy Multi-Band RTK Differential GPS Module for Raspberry Pi

Waveshare ZED-F9P GPS-RTK HAT Centimeter Level Accuracy Multi-Band RTK Differential GPS Module for Raspberry Pi

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This is a precise centimeter level Raspberry Pi GNSS HAT based on ZED-F9P. It provides features like multi-band RTK with fast convergence times, high update rate, moving base RTK mode support, concurrent reception of 4 GNSS systems, augment positioning systems support, accurate & fast positioning with minor drifting, and outstanding ability for anti-spoofing & anti-jamming.
By simply attaching it onto the Pi, it is fairly easy to enable GNSS capability for your Raspberry Pi.

1. Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO extension header, supports Raspberry Pi series boards, Jetson Nano
2. Multi-band RTK with fast convergence times, centimeter level accuracy, high update rate
3. Support Moving base RTK mode, enabling terminal precise navigation and centimeter level accuracy
4. Support concurrent receiving 4 GNSS constellations (GPS, BeiDou, Galileo and GLONASS), and still retains low power consumption
5. Augment systems support, including SBAS, QZSS, IMES, D-GPS, improving the positioning performance of service location
6. A-GNSS (Assisted GNSS) support, reducing the first positioning time when powered up, improving the acquisition sensitivity
7. Features -167dBm navigating sensitivity and outstanding ability for anti-spoofing & anti-jamming, supports geo-fencing
8. Support U-Center, an easy way to config the module
9. Onboard battery holder, supports ML1220 rechargeable cell, for preserving ephemeris information and hot starts
10. 4x LEDs for indicating the module operating status
11. Come with development resources and manual (examples for Raspberry Pi/Jetson Nano/Arduino/STM32)

1. ZED-F9P: Concurrent receiving, GPS
2. Frequency band: U-blox F9 platform, GPS L1C/A L2C, SBAS, QZSS, GLONASS L1OF L2OF, BeiDou B1I B2I, Galileo E1B/C E5b
3. Navigation update rate:
- PVT: 20Hz
- RTK: 25Hz
- RAW: 25Hz
4. RTK convergence time: Less than 30s
5. Time-To-First-Fix:
- Cold starts: 29s
- Hot starts: 2s
- Aided starts: 2s
6. Positioning accuracy:
- PVT: 1.5m CEP
- RTK (horizontal and vertical): 0.01m+1ppm CEP
7. Sensitivity:
- Tracking and navigatingV-167 dBm
- Re-acquisitionV-160 dBm
- Cold starts: -148 dBm
- Hot starts: -157 dBm
8. Velocity accuracy: 0.05 m/s
9. Heading accuracy 0.3 degree
10. PPS accuracy:
- RMS: 30ns
- 99%: 60ns
- Jamming: +/-11ns
11. PPS frequency: 0.25Hz ~ 10MHz (configurable)
12. Operational limits: Acceleration (MAX): 4g
13. Altitude (MAX): 50000m
14. Velocity (MAX): 500m/s
15. Communication interface: USB, UART (4800~921600bps, 9600bps by default), I2C (MAX 400KHz), SPI (5MHz)
16. Protocol: NMEA 0183 Version 4.10, UBX, RTCM 3.3
17. Power supply: 5V
18. Overall current: Less than 120mA at 5V (continue mode)
19. Module current: 130mA at 3V (tracking status)
20. Operating temperature: -40 degree C ~ 85 degree C
21. Dimensions: 65mm x 30.5mm

Package List
2. Multi-band antenna x 1
3. USB-A to Micro-B cable x 1
4. Screws pack x 1
5. 2x20PIN female header x 1

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