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Dual Technology Motion Sensor DT-7225(White)

Dual Technology Motion Sensor DT-7225(White)

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1. Has excellent resistance to false alarms and the ability to capture
2. Easy and quick installation
3. Built-in temperature compensation and microwave anti-jamming capabilities to adapt to a variety of hot and cold environments
4. K-band microwave technology to further suppress false positives, and to improve the detector sensitivity
5. ABS rugged durability, excellent shock

1. Detection range: 7.6mx9m
2. Power requirements: 25mA / 7.5-16VDC (UL: 8.9-14.5 VDC)
3. Sensitivity: detection of the normal pace, as the region steps 2-4
4. Microwave frequency: 24.125GHz
5. Tamper switch: (NC) 50mA, 24VDC
6. Alarm Relay: excitation type A 500mA, 30 VDC
7. Operating temperature: -10 degree ~ 55 degree, 5% - 95% relative humidity non-condensing
8. Radiated Immunity: 30V / m, 10MHz - 1000MHz
9. Anti-white light: 8,000 Lux

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